"I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God, in Him will I trust." Psalms 91:2

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Trip to The Bank

The other day Jordan and I made a stop to the bank drive-thru to deposit a check.  For whatever reason, all the lines seemed to be moving extremely slow this particular day.  However, it appeared that I had picked the slowest line of them all. The lady in front of me was on her phone just chatting away.  She hadn't even taken the container out in order to put her transaction in and send it through the transport tube.  I kid you not, I sat there for about five minutes before she even turned to the transport tube.  The next thing I know she is pushing the call button and talking to the person inside.  Mind you, she has still not sent in a transaction of any kind.  Well, as you can imagine, I sat there contemplating if I should put my car in reverse and choose a new lane.  We had been sitting there so long my son began timing it.  Needless to say, I was getting a little on the impatient side. You see, I had things to do and this lady was taking my time.  I mean, really.  Well, I had decided to back up and switch lanes. I look up in my mirror to check before moving and a car was pulling in behind me. I was stuck now.  I remember muttering something about "hope you have time to wait lady because you will be here a while."  That lady behind me couldn't hear me, but somehow grumbling made me feel better or so I thought.  Next thing I know one of the tellers walks out and hands a transport tube to the lady in front of me....oh my!! Let's just say, I felt terrible!! Talk about conviction. Oy! I had been stewing and growing impatient thinking this lady was just taking her sweet time when all the while she couldn't do anything because there was not a container in the tube.  I felt about an inch high.  Now, I know I am probably the only person who has ever gotten impatient in a drive thru lane. Well, I finally had my turn, took care of my deposit and pulled out to leave.  I left feeling convicted and asking God to forgive me.  I also used what had happened to teach Jordan.  Remember, my son was in the car the whole time.  *sigh* 
I had some explaining to do and so, I did.
You see this trip to the bank reminded me of a few things:
1. My time is not any more important than anyone else's time. 
2. I need to work on my patience
3. I need to remember that my little guy is always watching.
Now, I don't think my reaction on this day was unique. If I had to guess, I am pretty sure there would be other ladies out there who would admit they have gotten impatient from time to time.  I am really glad the Holy Spirit spoke up as I was pulling out of that bank. I am glad that I had an opportunity to talk to my son about my reaction to the lady sitting there and explain how I should have been patient and not thought my time to be more important. 
As I drove away, I thought of the verses in 2 Peter 1 that talk about how God gives to us all the things that we need for life and godliness. It goes on to list certain character traits that we are to have and one of them is patience.  I need to work on my patience.
The point of today's post is simply to show how daily instances can serve as reminders of things in our lives that we need to improve.  I am thankful for these reminders and, as I said earlier, am thankful for the Holy Spirit. 
Until next time!

From my heart,

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